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Job Type: Freelance

Art Model for Photography

Job Details

  • Models will be working with Aaron Knight Studio (@aaronknightstudio) on creative and artistic images
  • A small percentage of resulting images may be used in limited edition photographs for sale through art dealers such as Zatista and SaatchiArt
  • Exact hours will be determined in advance of each session

Job Responsibilities

  • Selected models will pose for photography in either studio or location settings, as arranged in advance of each session
  • Coaching for specific poses and guidance will be provided, both prior to and during shooting
  • Complete preparation instructions will be furnished when specific modeling shoots are scheduled

Art Modeling Qualifications

  • Must be over 18
  • Reliably commute to in-person work


  • Flexible schedule, work when you want
  • On-the-job training: learn to model while you earn
  • Competitive pay: $50-$60 per hour

Apply for this job: Aaron Knight Studio